EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Academics and Educators

Educational Leaders and Administration

Principal: Mr. Daniel Flynn
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Michelle Trudeau
Business Office: Mrs. Rhea Quesenberry
Receptionist: Lia Mangiaracina
Institutional Advancement: Mr. Chris Currie
Montessori Coordinator: Ms. Andrea DeLee


Teachers: Mrs. Sophie Oriani


Teachers: Mrs. Anne Spaulding,  Mrs. Miriam Zuehlke


Teacher: Mrs. Heather Campos

Grade 1

Teacher: Mrs. Mary Pat Pollock

Grade 2

Teacher: Mrs. Mary Kay Robertson

Grade 3

Teacher: Ms. Alejandro Lado

Grade 4

Teacher: Mrs. Ann Nalley

Grade 5

Teacher: Mrs. Amy Clayton

Grade 6

Teacher: Mrs. Louisa Dwyer

Grade 7

Teacher: Ms. Stephanie McGann

Grade 8

Teacher: Mr. Thomas Ballenger


Teachers: Mr. Eddie Beall, Ms. Meghan Waters

Nature Studies Grades 6-8

Teacher: Mr. Merrill Roberts

Latin Grades 4-8

Teacher: Mrs. Mary Smith

Math Grades 6-8

Teachers: Mrs. Michelle Orhan, Mr. Eddie Beall


Teacher: Mrs. Sandra Haw

Music Grades 3-6

Teacher: Mrs. Michelle Orhan

Physical Education

Teacher: Mr. Eric Heller


Teacher: Ms. Suzie Ritz

School Nurse

Teacher: Mrs. Zoraida Baur


Safe Haven Homeless Shelter

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Epiphany Gift to the Child Jesus

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Race for Education


Friday, October 20th


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